Brenden was born and raised in Paarl-East. His love for sport started when he was approached by a rugby coach when he was 8 years old. At age 15 his mother died of a heart attack, and sadly 2 years after his father died of a heart attack as well. He recalls that sport changed his life completely and gave him an incredible outlet for dealing with life. 

He stopped competing at rugby after fracturing his wrist, as he could not afford any effective medical attention at that time. He managed to save enough money while working as a machine operator to fund his studies. Where he completed his Social Auxiliary Work Certificate and started working at an organization where he successfully reintegrated numerous learners who dropped out of school back into the school system. 

He started a HIIT workout group in Wellington offering 1 hour every Monday and Wednesday night for free, as he believes that is a basic human right to exercise at least twice a week. He still continues being there for this group and is a huge motivation for them and others. 

He met John McGrath early in 2019 and started spending most of his time at The Emerald Foundation in Mbekweni where he received the opportunity to integrate social work with fitness and through this process he came in contact with FitLife. 

He is now based at The FitLife facility in Val de Vie and is coaching at The Emerald Gym voluntarily.

He believes in turning negatives into positives, doing what is necessary and challenging himself every day to make himself uncomfortable for continued growth.